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  1. traindriver69

    2010 Xf 3.0D won't start

    Hi Here is an update when it first would not start I plugged my laptop in and got this first image. I then cleared the faults tried to start it again and the only error was this image two I have now put a brand new battery in it but still will not start and I have the parking brake failure locked on. any help please.
  2. traindriver69

    2010 Xf 3.0D won't start

    Fully charged the battery engine turns over tries to start but won't gear selector pops up but cannot select anything it won't move. Any advice please.
  3. traindriver69

    2010 Xf 3.0D won't start

    This morning I have fully charged the battery it turns over and tries to start gear selector goes up and down and various errors appear on the screen hand brake gearbox faults etc. any ideas?
  4. traindriver69

    2010 Xf 3.0D won't start

    Thanks mike that's one thing to try in the morning
  5. traindriver69

    2010 Xf 3.0D won't start

    Hi mike Does the gear selector being in the lowered position stop it from starting. Cheers Mark
  6. traindriver69

    2010 Xf 3.0D won't start

    Hi all My Xf been running lovely and came home last night from work with no problems. Come this morning and tried to start it the engine is turning over but will not fire also the gear selector is not rising up anyone got any ideas there are no fault lights . Many thanks in advance
  7. traindriver69

    restricted performance mode when hard on the pedal

    the diagnostic did bring up two instances of low turbo pressure the first was logged at the same time I took my car to jag for them to replace the cam-belt but when I had it serviced they discovered a twisted vacuum pipe and put it down to that.the second instance logged has no mileage or date attached nothing else logged
  8. Hi all my 10 plate XF 3.0d goes into restricted performance mode if I go heavy on the accelerator if I go to about three quarters down on the pedal up it pops so I have to pull over switch off the engine lock the doors wait for everything to go off then start her back up and everything is fine. plugged a diagnostic into the beast and does not bring any faults up any one got any ideas please. many thanks in advance