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  1. Hi. I am rebuilding my 2013 facelift XF modal after a front RH shunt. The headlamp was shattered, I have procured a used lamp assembly but find the indicator LED is not indicating. The seller assures me that the lamp was fully working when dispatched. All lights are working and all indicator lights work except the front RH headlamp indicator LEDs, the door mirror indicator light also works. I have recorded the sound produced at the dash with engine off, ignition on. The sound is asymmetrical but rhythmic sounding like a code. Can anyone help locate the source of the fault? VID_20191019_154309.mp4
  2. Fantastic Joe, that's perfect, good response. Apologies to you Padster 72 for seemingly shanghaiing your post, but I think you will agree, two heads are better than one, I am sure you will appreciate Joe's response.
  3. Just found these, looks like the perfect answer, I have not studied yet due to time available. See also the link to the thread below the YouTube video
  4. Same question from me, Padster 72. I saw awhile ago, where someone had retained the old double din box but had replaced the display screen with an androids screen. The result was all the Android functions were available including satnav but additionally the old functions remained, so touching a button enabled either of the two options to be used and Climate Control original and steering wheel functions were retained. More info on this would be great. There was a video showing this modification.