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  1. Was quoted around £700 from the local main dealer and about £400 from a local independent...this is for a 2013 XF 2.2 D Sport. Booked into the independent garage later this month.
  2. I have a saloon and I struggle refueling too. The flow of fuel cuts out unless I keep the fueling hose at "half throttle". The yellow thing down the spout is a anti-misfuel device which should stop you putting the wrong fuel in: check your manual it should tell you about it in there. There should be a reset device near/on your battery compartment (sorry not sure on a Sprotbrake). Can't help with the other issues, sorry.
  3. Hello and Merry Christmas. Let me start with a confession - I don't own a Jaguar (yet). I am sorely tempted to get an XK and I even have "executive approval" (well, she hasn't actually said a straight "no" yet so, that's like a "yes" isn't it?). I am only going to be able to stretch to a relatively "old" car, and I can afford up to £20K, which will get me a ten year old, 50K miles model, judging by Autotrader. I commute York to Leeds, which is about 30 miles each way of fast dual carriage way, and then A1 and M1. What should I know before I get serious about this? Heart is ruling
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