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  1. I'm sorry, it looks like I've upset you guys. Lookin for the best of both worlds and not really thinking My apologies to you both Willie
  2. Hi Paul, thank you for replying to my post and thanks for the very kind offer of fitting it all for me but I'd probably do it myself. It will give me something to do I've got access to a garage workshop. If Denis could supply all the parts needed that would be great and if you could supply and wiring diagram/fitting procedure that would be most helpful. The diagnostics I can get done so no problem there. It does have a CD changer in the boot along with the Nav DVD unit. All the best Willie
  3. Ha ha, thank you Peter. Saying that, my wife's from Hamiton and our phones understands what she's saying but not me! All the besrt Willie
  4. Hi everybody, I'm new to the Forum which I must say looks the business! It has a great layout. I wonder if anyone can help but I'm thinking of retro fitting phone/Bluetooth and voice recognition to my 04 S Type 3.0SE and would like to know what parts I would need. The car has touchscreen Nav/climate/audio. I wondering if it would have been factory prewired to take the extra modules needed. I would be grateful for any advice. Cheers Willie
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