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  1. Tony In Mevagissey

    XK8 workshop manual

    which is the best manual for 1998 XK8 with AJ26 engine. I am about to change my tensioners and need all the help I can get . thanks Tony
  2. Tony In Mevagissey

    Seat belt recoil

    Hi everyone, recently bought my XK8 1998 love the car ,slowly working my way through the niggles ,any advice on seat belt recoil problems , looked on you tube and most suggest washing the belt but mine don't look dirty. could the spring have gone weak in the unit ? What's it like to get out ? thanks Tony
  3. Tony In Mevagissey

    Replace engine Earth strap

    Thanks Joe , I thought it would be OK , it,s engine to chassis earth strap. Just not use to all the electronic gadgetry on cars these days ,you never know what might upset the control modules. Tony
  4. Tony In Mevagissey

    Replace engine Earth strap

    Hi all , Tony here in Mevagissey Cornwall , I have been underneath my 1998 xk8 today and the engine earth strap looks like it's had its day .lots of green corrosion on the braid . Can I just remove it and replace or do I have to disconnect the battery ? Could I bolt on a new one close by then remove the old one. your help would be appreciated .Tony
  5. Tony In Mevagissey

    New member / owner XK8

    Hi everyone just joined the club , back in the seventies I owned a 3.8 E type roadster great fun but rotten as a pear which I swopped for a cortina ! ! £750.00. (What would that be worth today ?) Then went back to a 1965 S type. Then the children arrived and sensible cars came and went ,no more Jags, always said one day I,ll have another E type ,was not be , and now out of my reach . So now the children have fled and I,m a grandad I've got what I think is the next best thing a loverly XK8 ..1998 with 97000 on the clock only done 7000 in last 10 years . Looking forward to the summer . Collected it from Cardigan drove to Mevagissey yesterday put £60 petrol in did 280 miles not bad .
  6. Tony In Mevagissey

    Tony in mevagissey

    New owner. Just bought myself an XK 8 1998, love it !