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  1. Hi guys it's been a while but I've done a few bits to the cat since I was last here. Anyway I'm having a walnut gear knob made for my manual x type, how many of you would be interested in having one? Similar to the pic but mine is without an insert.
  2. Thanks Leo, Are there any good breakers you'd recommend? I'm after a few trim pieces Cheers
  3. Very happy to share with you guy's my new car. She's an 05 with 106k fsh and so far drives like a dream. Wished I'd got one years ago
  4. Apologies if this has been asked before, Will an 08/09 X type bumper and grill fit an 05 or would I have to modify? Cheers
  5. Well it was lovely 2005 106k fsh it's the se model so has satnav etc. Loads of receipts and work done so hopefully pick it up on Saturday Now it does need a gear knob and gator wheres best to source one plz?
  6. Hi everyone I've just joined and I'm excited to be viewing my first Jag today it's an 05 X type diesel. Wish me luck