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  1. AliKelman

    Jag X Type Headlights

    I don't think so but I have just had a second failure of one bulb in my 2004 Jag within a couple of months. Another one went a couple of months before that. I'm off to Halford's tomorrow to get it fixed
  2. AliKelman

    Roof rack/bar access point

    It is some time ago but I think that to lift the finisher cap back in place I took a bit of scrap bendy plastic, curved it so that it would act as a spring and inserted the finisher cap with this below it so that the homemade bendy plastic spring pushed the finisher cap back into place so that its front and read rested against the rail (labelled 1 in the diagram).
  3. AliKelman

    Roof rack/bar access point

    The part you want is labelled 9 in this diagram:!/English/FindParts/Families/S-Type and X-Type/12/50/12670/11327/12271/1/10/1/viewassembly/7625/:DRIP MOULDING AND FINISHER-SALOON It is called a finisher cap. DukesDave was breaking his jag and sent it to me
  4. The E-Pace production car was on show at Frankfurt but not the I-Pace production car. According to the Financial Times, later this year, JLR will start making the E-Pace in Austria using third-party manufacturing group Magna, which already has a contract to make Jaguar’s first electric car, the I-Pace, from next year. In 2018 the E-Pace will also be made in China at the joint JLR-Chery plant in Changshu. JLR manufacturing director Wolfgang Stadler said: "The UK is the heart and soul of our manufacturing, design and engineering capabilities. However, with our UK facilities operating close to capacity, our contract manufacturing partnership with Magna Steyr and our joint venture in China provide additional volume, agility and flexibility to deliver the new Jaguar E-Pace alongside our other exciting vehicle launches this year." JLR made 604,009 vehicles in the 12 months to the end of March, and has ambitions to make 1m by 2020. The £28,500 E-Pace vehicle pushes the Jaguar brand further into the booming SUV market. Jaguar’s existing SUV, the F-Pace, has sold 80,000 vehicles since launching earlier this year. But the production version of the i-Pace was at the Frankfurt Motor Show. According to Nick Gibbs "...There has been so much interest in the I-Pace, which will sell for less than the Tesla Model X at about 60,000 pounds in its home market, that JLR figured it that the show attention would be better focused on its more mainstream entrants, a company spokesman said ... Jaguar says it has over 25,000 confirmed orders for the I-Pace, with customers in big markets in Europe and the U.S. placing "four-figure" deposits, despite the not knowing the exact final price. That order book is almost two year's worth of production at Magna Steyr's contract manufacturing plant in Graz, Austria, where the I-Pace will be built based on capacity predictions from IHS Markit."
  5. AliKelman

    Jaguar i-Pace

    I am considering putting my name down for a Jaguar i-Pace. My local dealer says that the first trial models should be available in the showroom early in the New Year.
  6. AliKelman

    Roof rack/bar access point

    Dave - many thanks for the plastic part and thanks for sending me four of them. They arrived today, I trimmed one of them down so it could fit into the channel without dismantling the car (!) and it now looks perfect again. Kind Regards Alistair
  7. AliKelman

    Roof rack/bar access point

    Looking forward to receiving the items. The Jag is lovely and I am trying to keep it that way. Ali
  8. AliKelman

    Roof rack/bar access point

    Thanks - I haven't been able to find this part anywhere.
  9. AliKelman

    Roof rack/bar access point

    Thanks, Joe but I don't want the Roof Rail Finisher Cap. I want the plastic bit which goes inside the channel which the top of the Roof Rail Finisher Cap (the part with the lip at right angles) clicks against. The bottom of the Roof Rail Finisher Cap has a tongue which fits into a different plastic bit in the channel. This is present in my Jag. It is the plastic bit in the channel for the other end of the Roof Rail Finisher Cap which is missing on my Jag. Maybe it was dislodged in a car wash. regards Alistair
  10. AliKelman

    Roof rack/bar access point

    Thanks - I've temporarily put a bit of sponge in the channel to act as a kind of spring pushing the tiny rectangular cover up so that it rests level with the roof line. The plastic clip in the channel would be far better. Regards Alistair
  11. AliKelman

    Roof rack/bar access point

    I need the connector that this part works against. The depressed part is Jaguar X-Type Saloon Roof Rail Finisher Cap C2S20575XXX - See more at:
  12. AliKelman

    Roof rack/bar access point

    I've just spotted that one of the four protective covers for a roof bar/rack is depressed. The reason it is depressed is that the plastic clip it is designed to clip against is missing. So I need to get a replacement plastic socket for it to connect with. Any ideas? I'll try and upload some pictures shortly. Alistair
  13. Thanks. Part 2 of the video establishes that it should not be a fuel pump fault because a V6 has two stoichiometric codes, one for each bank of cylinders. Since I was only getting a single code fault this would indicate that it was not a fuel pump fault. I'm going to top it up with Shell V-Power this afternoon - I used about four gallons of petrol yesterday. Let's see if it runs any better. Alistair
  14. Thanks. What I think has happened is that the EPC in the Jaguar is making a series of measurements and calculations based upon other sensors including a knock sensor. Controlling fuel delivery and the ignition timing are high on the microprocessor's priority list. The microprocessor dictates the opening and closing cycle (pulse) of the fuel injectors, effectively regulating the air/fuel mixture ratio when making minute timing adjustments thousands of times a second. Using LPG which has a RON equivalent of over 100 has meant that I need to have petrol which is between RON 98 to RON 100 to keep the EPG within its parameters. BP Ultimate is only RON 97 but it used to be RON 98 prior to its reformulation. The entry in Wikipedia regarding Shell V-Power suggests that I may well be onto something: Alistair
  15. I am wondering whether my 2004 x-type 2.1 v6 is particularly sensitive to BP Ultimate in its new formulation and whether I should stick to Shell V-Power. As I mentioned previously my Jaguar is an LPG conversion. Originally, just after buying it I filled it with a bit of supermarket 95 octane petrol and gave it a full tank of LPG. It ran OK at first but then the engine appeared to misfire slightly, then the engine management light came on and stayed on. I filled the tank to the brim with Shell V-Power petrol - the premium petrol and continued running on this. The misfiring greatly lessened. My garage reset the engine management light and all seemed well - for a bit. I then found that there was a Valve Saver tank under the bonnet which was empty. So I stopped running the car on LPG while I obtained some JLM Valve Saver Fluid and refilled the car with BP 97 octane Ultimate petrol. The JLM Valve Saver Fluid arrived and I refilled the Valve Saver tank. All appeared to be well - at first. I also bought my own code reader so that I could reset error codes without going back to the garage. Then when driving around on LPG the engine appeared to misfire and the engine management light came on. Using the code reader I reset it. I ran the car for a bit on petrol alone and all seemed to be OK ... until there was a slight misfire and the engine management light came on again. I reset it and ran it back home. On a 50 mile return journey on petrol alone the engine management light did not reappear. But the engine when running on 97 octane BP Ultimate petrol does not sound as smooth as it does when running on 98 octane Shell V-Power petrol. Now what I am wondering is whether the Jaguar X-Type has a learning ECU which adapts the engine to use higher octane fuel. The other potential issue is that BP Ultimate now contains a "new engine-cleaning additive pack" Those with long memories will recall the launch of Formula Shell as similar designer fuel in 1986. In a small number of cases the fuel was implicated in the burning out of inlet valves on car engines and Shell withdrew it in the same year. BP claims to have tested its new Ultimate in a wide variety of applications, including older engines and says it is safe for all including the new generation of small-capacity turbocharged petrol engines as well as supercharged, Miller cycle and Atkinson cycle engines. But frankly, I don't trust BP. Thoughts? Honest John in the Telegraph when asked about Shell V-Power and Tesco Momentum said "Put it this way, I use nothing else apart from Shell V-Power Nitro plus petrol or diesel and get the best possible performance from my engines, best possible fuel economy and no fuel system problems like the problems readers get when they run their cars on the cheapest fuels."