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  1. Hi Steve. The Pro Clip and Tomtom XXL Cradle arrived the other day and, thanks to you, I'm absolutely delighted with them. Perfect fit (down to Swedish design and manufacture no doubt) and superb positioning have solved my problem completely. Fitted in a matter of minutes too. Thanks again...great find. Graham
  2. Hi Greg and Steve. It turns out that the only problem was the button battery (2032) in the fob itself. Not being that technically minded it was a bit of a relief, and at least I'll know to try that first if it happens again. Thanks for your input - much appreciated, Graham
  3. Hi again Steve. Thanks for the pics. I've decided I'd also like to use the bracket (which clips over the top and bottom of the dash surrounding the vents) but marry it with the cradle and swivel to actually hold my XXL satnav - and I see they also make a dedicated kit containing just those pieces too. So, looking very hopeful, and will try and contact them/place my order over the weekend or early next week. Thanks again, will let you know how it turns out. Graham
  4. Thanks very much Steve, never seen these before but seems like the Proclip Centre Mount is just what I'm looking for. It will sit just where I want it in respect of the 'hidden' cable feed too. Will let you know how I get on. Graham
  5. Can anyone help me with which air vent mount is best for my old Tomtom XXL Satnav, and where can I buy one?
  6. Can anyone help me with which air vent mount is best for my old Tomtom XXL Satnav, and where can I buy one?
  7. Hi Steve, and thanks for your reply. I have seen two or three Youtube vids about how to go about fixing this problem, but I admit to being puzzled when the two I really tried to put into practice differed in whether the driver's door should be open or closed! I did try both (each of them had the same 'alternate between position 1 and 2 on the ignition switch four times until you hear a 'ping'), but neither gave that all important 'ping' noise. I'm presently waiting to get some new CR2032 batteries in order to change the current one in the fob and see if that makes a difference. I admit to
  8. The key fob on my 2004 x-type has stopped working again - I have it 'reset' by a local independent about once every year or so at a cost of £25 (which involves him plugging in a lap top etc etc) - and I have tried to reset it as in some of the youtube vids (where you are told/shown how to switch between positions one and two on the ingition switch etc), but this doesn't seem to work for me -I don't get the required 'ping' noises. It's driving me mad, and I'm getting fed up with the whole (costly) process - can anyone please help or tell me what I'm doing so wrong? Any sensible replies would
  9. My basic 2004 x-type has a steering wheel without any extra controls or buttons, but I'd like to upgrade it to a stitched leather one but keeping the same centre layout if that makes sense. Can I do this?
  10. Thanks for the replies Russ and David. I thought it might be the fob's battery too, but the guy I get to service the car changed that late this afternoon to no effect. He also said it might need syncing with the other (spare) fob too - though I was quite surprised when that one failed to work as well (unless the batteries also dead in it!). I can hear all the same sounds (actuators and solenoids I suppose) when the car is opened and closed using the key in the driver's door, but no noises from the fob key buttons at all when they are pressed. Is that a big (and costly) job David? Whe
  11. Just back from a day out, went to lock the car with the fob and nothing happened. None of the functions (lock, unlock, boot or headlamp) work on the fob or indeed my spare one, but I can still lock the car manually (which seems to also still activate the central locking too). Would appreciate any help/ideas as to what the problem might be, and how to fix it...
  12. Thanks John, have you used this successfully? Graham
  13. I have wondered about changing the headlamp bulbs in my car for months, so I'm glad to have found this post. However, just yesterday I hit a pothole on the near-side of a lane - I do live in the sticks a bit - and I think the problem Joe alludes to above (adjusters snapping) has happened! The nearside headlight beam has dropped significantly, so has anyone details of what to ask for and where to get the new adjusters from? Also, are they really easy to fit and re-adjust (I'm not very technically minded)? Many thanks....great forum! Graham
  14. I've got a problem with the flexible rubber air inlet hoses (which connect the plastic 'scoops' under the bonnet to the injection manifold, I think) in that they keep coming off (uncoupled). The resultant sound is like a blowning exhaust, but things go quiet again when they are re-coupled. I did have a new flexible front pipe fitted about a month ago, and the rubber pipes might have been disturbed then, but my non-technical mind says that there also appears to be a need for some clamps or bands (probably like a thin metal very large jubilee clips or something) to hold them securely in place
  15. Hi Andy and Joe, really appreciate the replies. I had looked elsewhere too though not seen them as cheap, but advice from people who have used them is always better in my book. Will order today, and thanks again. Graham
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