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  1. I've always thought the brakes on my 2.7 Sport were a bit underwhelming but then I had a serious bum-twitching brake fade moment the other day and wondered if there is anyone out there that has experienced the same thing and found a solution e.g. more efficient discs/pads? Mike
  2. Hi. I changed my rear discs, carriers and pads last year and didn't need any techno-gadgets. You will need to disconnect the battery and use a normal (?) calliper piston rewinding tool. Word of warning - the lower slide pins have a tendency to seize. Hope this helps. Mike :)
  3. I would like to purchase a set of 4 Mercury (25 spoke) 18" alloy wheels for my "S" Type Sport, any ideas anyone?

  4. Can anyone tell me the name of the alloys in the picture please?
  5. Hi. My name is Michael and I live in Hertfordshire. I have become the proud owner of my very first Jaguar, which is a lovely black diesel S-Type Sport. I very much look forward to conversing with other members in the future :)
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