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  1. Hi Joe, So i took car to the performance specialist and he put his machine on it and it had thrown up a lot of errors which he reset. Apparently it wasn't quite as straight forward as that but its all working now... Lesson, Dont disconnect the battery!!!! Thanks Joe for taking the time to try and help. all the best Mark
  2. Hi Joe, No joy with remote. Ive booked it in with a local performance specialist. i shall report his findings. Thanks
  3. Hi Joe, I have, i will give it a go. But the existing remote is communicating, so im not entirely confident. Thanks Mark
  4. Hi Joe, No change. i carried out the procedure to reset the windows as described on page 157 and i tried holding down the lock/un-lock button within 5 secs of switching on ignition... is there a hidden menu on these models? theres one on the older models, i wondered if there is a reset within that.. if there is one? Thanks Mark
  5. Hi Joe, Thanks for the reply... i shall go and try that right now.. i shall report back thanks Mark
  6. Morning Everyone, First time i've been on any kind of Forum for anything so here goes... I had my rear break pads replaced by a mechanic who lives across the road from me. When this was done, apparently he had to disconnect the battery for 30seconds (something to do with resetting the handbrake) Since then my central Locking system doesn't work. I'm assuming that i have to reset something. The key is communicating with the car, so its not to do with the key. When you sit in the car and try and lock the car using the dash buttons - Nothing.. We have checked all the fuses and they are ok.. I'm reluctant to have any thing to do with going to a jag dealership as i've been poorly treated in the past (i will bore you on another post later on that one) Desperate to get help on this one as i cant use the car in this state. my car is a 2013 XF 3.0 Portfolio Thanks Mark
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