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  1. Hi All Haven't been on for a while. Looking for Front Fog Lamps for S Type (2004). Any help would be much appreciated. Not the round ones, but the kind of oval shaped design. Many thanks in advance. Phil
  2. Hi, I am really not one for "pimping" up my vehicles, but I really do like the mesh grille. My question is can I replace my original one (slatted) with a mesh one? If so, how much work would be involved? Many thanks. Phil
  3. Hi All, I'm looking for a S Type rear boot decal "S Type" as the S has fallen off mine, best place for a second hand "S" ??? Thanks Phil
  4. OK Guys, Many thanks. A service might improve it a little. Phil
  5. Hi, Can anybody share what they are averaging on their fuel consumption. I have an S Type 2.5ltr. Drive carefully (been compared to Miss Daisy by my Family members). Currently averaging 28-29 m.p.g. I might need a service ??? Phil
  6. Many Thanks to those who replied to my dilemma. I have taken everybody's advice on board and decided to repair the vehicle myself ( no insurers, management companies involved etc). I have had reasonable estimates from some local guys who have VERY GOOD reputations. But it still grips me when somebody gets away with blatant lies like this. Ah well, we live and learn. FULLY COMPREHENSIVE from now on. Many thanks. Phil
  7. Hi Fellow Jaguar Members, Think this might be a little bit of a long shot but here goes. The car has had a minor rear end shunt (damage to boot lid and rear bumper, new ones needed). Unfortunately for me, my driver was only insured Third Party to drive the vehicle, you see, the other driver is not admitting blame or any liability whatsoever ( he claim's my partner put the vehicle into reverse ) he says this even though my car was being driven forward. I have in turn spoken to my insurance company (Churchill) and informed them of the facts and they have told me to use the services of an Accident Management Company but beware of the "No Win No Fee" companies out there. At the time of the incident there were no witnesses to the bump but the other driver called later on the day to say that a witness had come forward !! The incident took place to the entrance of a Tesco car park at approx. 12.45p.m. week last Friday. The reason why I post this is the negative attitude my insurance have taken on it, they have left me to deal with it myself, and just to use the services of this Management Company. Any ideas pointers please??? Many thanks in advance. Phil
  8. Hi, Many thanks for you said, it's not a big issue. My spare doesn't work at al!!! Phil
  9. Hi (again) Having had some difficulty with my key fob and that is the car (sometimes) opening with it...but never locking it, I have to do that manually, I figured it might be the battery, which I duly changed. Unfortunately the problem is still there...sometimes it will open on the remote, but it will never lock on the remote. Any ideas. Phil
  10. Hi Andy They are I right they just slide over existing pipe? Not sure of the diameter though, unless I measure them first. Are they genuine Jaguar?/ Phil
  11. Hi Andy, They do look the business...many thanks for that. Phil
  12. Hi Steve, Just viewed the clip, and indeed it does sound nice, would these finishing units I am interested in just slide over existing tailpipe or is there a little modification to do first. I'm after more sight than sound though..haha. Phil
  13. Hi All, I'm not one to "bling" up a car...but I really do fancy putting the Tail Pipe Chrome finishers on the car. I've looked at E-Bay and I do believe the part number is XR854054. Any suggestions would be most welcome. ( the car is being used for a Mother Of The Bride wedding next Sat ) Phil
  14. Hi, Could anyone tell me what the Dual Climate Control Valve actually DOES.?? I know it splits the cabin temperature into two for driver the other for passenger. But how does it actually do this. Intrigued. Many thanks. Phil
  15. I would just like to thank all the contributors who commented on my air conditioning problem (in particular Carole Simpson-Hadley) who put me in touch with an independent Jaguar Specialist, MISTERMATIC JAGUAR, based in Swansea which I have managed to get around to calling today. After explaining the problem to him over the phone, he concurred with all of you who commented that it could be one of two problems:- 1. Dual Climate Control Panel (located on dashboard ) 2. Heater Control Valve. He described why the problem occured in the first place, which is what I was looking for. A common fault apparently. I'm probably looking at a repair bill of approx £300, parts and labour. Which I can live with. He also suggested in order to keep the cost down to dispense with the Dual Climate Control facility or by-pass it like most people who have experienced this problem have done. In other words he was very helpful. Due to my work commitments it will not be going in for repair until the end of the month. All looking positive. Many thanks again. Phil