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  1. I have just rebuilt all 4 of my strombergs on my 1971 V12 ... she runs and revs easily above 1500 rpm but will not idle.... any advice on setting these up
  2. I have an issue with my oil warning light coming on,... have great oil pressure, she's using a bit of oil and the light keeps coming on, now she doesn't want to idle....any ideas??? had her stored for last few months, battery was dead so charged that up and is charging nicely now off alternator but she was reluctant to start...
  3. Hi..I have just replaced the speedo cable on my 1971 series 3 type ..V12, the original cable was not broken! but the speedo had stopped working!... when changing the cable i noted that the right angle drive going into the transmission was quite loose at the joint.... Q Is this normal? Q has anyone had the same issue?.... What other reason could my speedo of just stopped working? thanks
  4. Hi I have a 1971 V12 Series 3 E type and am currently rebuilding the rear brakes, I have the suspension axle unit removed and noticed a small oil leak from the prop drive flange, looking at the "book" it tells me that to replace the oil seal I have to remove the whole axle/diff and dismantle completely!!! As i only want to replace the oil seal on the drive flange do I need to do this???? can i just replace the collapsible sleeve and oil seal and tighten it back up???? the oils seals on the drive shafts are good and not leaking, I don't want to take the diff apart for just this leak help!!
  5. Just found that the near side front jacking point on my 1971 series 3 V12 2+2 FHC has started to collapse.... need advice on repair...what panels to buy etc. anyone got a decent diagram of this area of the car??
  6. does anyone know which is the correct length of cable for a 1971 series 3 2+2 etype??? sng seem to suggest 39" and 48" are both suitable.....thoughts please..
  7. looking for a cover for my rear door lock, i can buy a new set of 3... inc hinge covers but they are black! and i only need the lock cover ...ideally in tan/Biscuit ... if anyone has a spare i would be interested.....many thanks
  8. I have just started the V12 up after 6 up to heat and runs nicely except a little rough idle, i noticed an open pipe on the carb balancing pipe i put my finger over it and the car ran smooth with a few more revs, looking down i see the charcoal canister and another open pipe.... looking at the manual these two open ends should have a connecting pipe.... my question is... where can i get a replacement charcoal canister to go inside???
  9. I am after some clarification here, I have a series 3 V12 2+2 FHC and want to replace the rear discs and calipers etc... i have been told i can do this in situ by dropping down the rear wheels/suspension. However having looked at a few youtube videos of the procedure...everyone has the whole rear suspension cage unit removed from the car!!! Can anyone who has done this give me a definitive answer on if it can easily be done without removing the whole rear IRS unit? cheers
  10. Thanks Joe... these are listed for series 1&2 I have contacted them to check they are the same for my series 3 ... regards Adrian
  11. Sorry that was scparts cost....sng Barrett don't have rubber stripsbut. Channels more realistic cost....think I'll start manufacturing these expensive parts myself!!!
  12. Hi Yes that's them, cheapest I can see is £134 for one rail ...crazy Cheers
  13. Nope taken a look through their catalogue and no parts listed! so back to the drawing board...
  14. Thanks Joe I will take a look at them
  15. Does any one have or know where i can get one replacement luggage rail and rubber for my series 3 2+2 FHC i have found some at sc parts but they seem crazy expensive for 1 rail and rubber i have to buy the whole set at huge expense, any help would be appreciated. Happy New Year to all.
  16. I have seen a couple of tools one from Germany that is way over engineered and very expensive! and another made somewhere in the uk but i can't find details of this more sensibly priced item
  17. Well these are my first set of wire wheels and having removed and replaced one I am not happy that the wheel is tight enough, I have continental spinners not the 2 eared ones so getting them tight proved awkward.
  18. HI I have seen various tools to remove and replace the spinners on my wire wheels, I'm not entirely happy with using a hammer to get correct torque! ;-) does anyone know where i can get a tool i can use with a torque wrench to fit my continental spinners ...3 lugs rather than 2 ears... ... hoping for a sensible priced item as well but maybe thats a pipe dream???
  19. Thanks for the info!... still finding my way around the 'Ol' girl....
  20. Hi... my new car (1971 E type V12 2+2 FHC) has a auto box and only 2 Drive selections..... can anyone offer advice on which i should use?? i have D1 and D2 and L ... cheers
  21. Hi I have recently purchased the car of my dreams,,.. in remarkable order 45k only on the clock...she has been stored for some time an had an engine rebuild after a ceased piston... she has been largely inactive for the last 10 years, so my recent short trips out to test and find her legs have resulted in a few issues and an ever growing list of to do's!.. my question today (there will be many more) the original brakes are still on the car and work to a point! i now have a sticky piston on front calliper and wish to overhaul the brakes... has anyone advice of what to get and where i can get the parts... i would like to put vented/drilled discs around. I believe this would require a 1/4" spacer to be fitted in the rear callipers? Advice please
  22. Thanks Its called "Sable" apparently 636 painted that colour and sent to the USA... not sure if they did the colour in the uk, Ive seen one other in Dubai but thats it, keeping the car in USA for now, have a bit of work to do to her to bring her unto top quality
  23. Thanks to both, ... heres another pic or two as she was loaded up for shipping to me
  24. Hi I would like to get the a/c working in my new car... I'm told that i can get adaptors for the gas inlets etc anyone know of where i can get these?? thanks