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  1. OK so I'm not happy with the failure nor any cost but Matthew LEEK of Jaguar Coventry (Guy Salmon) has pulled out all the stops and brought the cost of serious four figures to very manageable three. A shuttle service with the car to and fro the garage provided by Kevin Scott to assist us on a mega busy day also kept us out of a problem. 10/10 gentlemen. Thank you.
  2. Does anyone have any comments that I can put to Jaguar Central to encourage them to replace the catalytic converter (or equivalent) on my March 17 F pace at their cost. Even my dealer feels it is far too early for such a failure. Jaguar only offer 60%. Has anyone any experience of such an early failure? Thank you.
  3. Thank you for your comment. My apologies for the slow reply. I'm not on this forum often. The dealer has referred me to Jaguar central and they are wriggling. Am I correct that there was call out from Jaguar for service action regards this part? That indicates to me they accept it as a weak spot. I am continuing the conversation with them but its a slow process. Some of their replies make me think they are replying to different e mails! Onwards!!
  4. My 2017 F Pace recently failed the second MOT due to excessive play in the track rod end ball joint of the offside front. Internet chatter show there has been an 'H037 Required Service Action' re this track rod. Is this a common problem in all F Pace vehicles and is it one I should be asking Jaguar to compensate me for? The vehicle has been driven for 35000 miles.
  5. Dear Pete and Leo, I'm a regular winter skiier and go the the French Alps. Chains are sometimes obligatory and sometimes they have been the only means of getting about. My Saab 9.3 was fearless in chains. This is my first all wheel drive vehicle hence my questions. Thank you for your comments so far, Graham.
  6. Does anyone have any advice and thoughts on fitting snow chains to an F pace? Being all wheel drive would you fit them to the back or front tyres or all four? The manual has some suggestions but does anyone have any experience to add to that?
  7. I bought my F Pace in spring this year. Happy for the most part but dissapointed with boot space and hopeless windscreen washers. Minor points perhaps but further disappointed with the response of Jaguar. They have seemed content to write off my comment and desire to have the points remedied by telling me that everything is 'as per design intent' so there is nothing needs be done. The windscreen washers just about wet the glass and the resulting smeared windscreen is impossible to see through for a few seconds. The jet hits the very bottom of the glass below the parked wiper. There is no adjustment available. Does any one have any suggestions on a remedy, for safety if nothing else. Regards the boot space, I opted for a full size spare wheel. This comes with the warning that boot space is reduced but it is 'Heath Robinson' to say the least. It is a simple raised box lid, not well fitted, and grit and the like fall under to the battery and electrics beneath. Is there anyone out there who can help me sort the windscreen washer and the boot space?
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