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  1. As many of you will be aware this year is the 50th anniversary of the most Iconic Jaguar ...The E-Type. There are a few celebrations around the country and a few trips are being organised back the Geneva where the cars made their first ever unvieling to the public. A few of the most renowned cars will be visible and on the road for the shows etc , such as one of the earliest surviving cars 9600 HP and I shall be getting the dust of one of my commemerative V12 Roadsters (The last of the 50 cars made) The car in the piccy is the last ever E-Type produced by Jaguars and is part of the JDHT collection
  2. Hi Nick, It all depends on how badly they have hacked at the original car to fit the 327 engine. Finding the right engine is a bit of fun as it is the same power as an XK 120 so not too many engines etc lying around. Has it still got the Jaguar transmission or is it a US gearbox?? Regards Richard
  3. Hi all my name is Richard and just arrived via the Facebook link. I have a few Jaguars of all types and work with them everyday since I was 16. My favourites are my V12 powered cars most of which are now manuals and a few a real fire breathers! :D