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  1. Hi all, The driver window is playing up on my 2014 (x351) XJ. When I put the window down it's fine, however trying to put it up is a real issue. Pulling the button starts to raise the glass then it stops and goes down again. I'll finally get it closed after a few toys. I'm guessing it's most likely the switch. My questions are: is this a known fault? Do I need to replace the whole switch module or can it be reset? Lastly is replacing the switch easy ie doesn't require door card removal. Thanks all.
  2. thanks, I'm not on Facebook belive it or not! Is there a contact website address?
  3. Hi, I've recently bought a 2014 XJ and would like to get the paintwork properly cleansed and treated. I'm in Hertfordshire, can anyone recommend someone? Thanks
  4. Hi, I recently bought a '14 plate XJ diesel and am thinking about maybe getting it remapped. Has anyone done this and what advice, product recommendations can you share! Thanks