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  1. It has 5 hoses attached to it
  2. Hi Steve076 I had that situation and it turned out to be heater valve £35 ebay itt below drivers headlight you really need to remove rubber shield below bumper
  3. Hi JOE-DOT-COM Thanks for the info I eventually took off the drivers wheel liner and there it was I ordered a new one which had 5 outlets cost £35 and fitted it working a treat thanks again for your help
  4. Hi oldkeeper checked out link which has a lot of info unfortunately it does not tell me where the valve is Hi Joe will have a go at removing the wheel arch cover as I do not see it anywhere behind radiater Cheers guys Will let you know what I find
  5. Hi I am quite new to forum I have a 2007 s type 2.7 diesel and I am looking some help I have no heat coming through and the common suggestion is a faulty heater valve below the radiater and all I can see is a 2 port valve yet all info suggests it should be 3 port valve and I was wondering if anyone knows where it is thanks
  6. Hi just had the same problem and had to be towed home found it to be the water hose connection outlet part no P JJDE 38234 U22C04 in the top middle of the engine just under a plastic Y shaped tube cost £36
  7. Hi jazzman was hopeing it might just be the aux boiler which i could swich off I imagine the cat replacement is expensive and I believe there 2 Cheers
  8. Hi I am a new member and I have recently bought a 2007 s type jaguar 2.7 diesel and I am getting the same problem and I was wondering if you can turn off the auxiliary heater