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  1. Bill, where did you get your SatNav USB update from? Ivor
  2. Colin Sounds like that's what I need to do. Do you know the part number you needed? And if it's likely to be the same for my 2013 XF Sport? Thaks in advance Regards Ivor
  3. Hi Mac, Sounds like exaclty the same fault on my 2013 XF Sport. Makes a hideous screeching sound when I start the car then says 'camera not available, contact dealer' It happened a couple of months ago so I booked it into the local dealership, but before the appoinment came around it started working again, so I cancelled the booking. since then it's happening again so I've re-booked it for a few weeks time. They tell emt the diagnostic charges are £180 per hour - so if I can help them to find the failt in a bout 5 minutes it's be a huge help! Do you know what the part number / description is? And can I buy it from the main dealer myself? I've looked t the rubber hose between the boot lid & body - all looks fine but obviously can;lt see what's going on insite the tube. Thanks in advance Ivor
  4. Whilst having a pair of tyres fitted recently in one of the national high street garages, the fitter spotted some defective paint around the door handle I'd never seen before and suggested that I contact Jaguar as there was a recall notice issued for this issue. Does anyone know of this or have any similar problems or experience? I also want to get my setback maps updated. Any suggestions? XF 2013 Plate Thanks Ivor
  5. Hi I'm new to the club. I have a 2013 XF and wondered if anyone could advise the best way to update the SatNav and software please? Thanks in advance.