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  1. Glad you got it sorted. If you haven't already, I would also check the anti roll bar drop links. Once the main problem has been solved (the "D" bushes) It tends to have a knock on effect to the next weakest point (the anti roll bar drop links) This is a simple fix and very cheap too! (£28 a pair from Jaguar Spares North East 0191 586 7770) Happy motoring.

    (oh, and I have no association with JSNE, it's just the cheapest place i found!)


  2. '70 Hillman Avenger

    '73 Morris Marina 1800 TC coupe

    '77 Ford Cortina 2.0 ghia mk iv

    '71 Mini Clubman

    '79 Ford Cortina 2.3 ghia

    '69 Austin Mini cooper (wish i kept this one!)

    '71 Austin Maxi 1750 (don't ask!)

    '79 BL Mini 850

    '76 Mini Clubman 1275 GT

    '83 Mini 1310

    '84 Lancia Delta ie (very quick car)

    '84 Ford Escort XR3i

    '88 VW Golf 1.8 16v GTi

    '84 Mini 1340 (still got this one)

    '94 Rover 600 2.0 SLi (manual)

    '95 Rover 600 2.0 SLi (got me hooked on automatics)

    '96 Vauxhall Omega 2.5 V6 CDX (got me hooked on V6's)

    '98 Vauxhall Omega 3.0 V6 Elite

    2000 Vauxhall Omega 3.0 V6 Elite

    '02 Jaguar S-type 3.0 SE (always wanted a Jag. love this car)

    So that's it so far, car wise. Numerous motorbikes along the years. Still got my mint XJR (Yamaha, not Jaguar!) There's nothing i would want to change my Jag for. Maybe an S-type R, but I can't fault my S. It's a pleasure to drive.

  3. Hi new member and new owner of second hand Jaguar S type...looking for all you very smart guys out there to point me to any areas or issues about or on the car to be especially vigilant with, ie what to look for in general maintenance other than that which is common to other cars....

    Many thanks in anticipation................... B) :) :D

    I've owned my S-type for two years, and the only main problem I've had was the expansion tank cracked, and leaked coolant all over the offside front wheel. apparently it's a common problem! Repair was done at my local Jaguar main dealer and cost £170 all in. I didn't think that was too steep, as the genuine part was £118 on it's own.The only other common problem I'm aware of is the front anti roll bar bushes tend to wear prematurely, noticable by a dull clonk when going over speed bumps and potholes. I hope this will be some help.

  4. Just did a few adjustments to my beloved S Type.

    Taking it from this:



    To this:



    I got rid of the chrome in favor of body colouring to enhance the road presence and went for a S Type R woven mesh grill in black. I sprayed and fitted it all my self and it really paid off!

    What do you guys think?

    Very nice S-type. Is the leaper spring loaded. I think it sets it off.

  5. Hello all. Couldn't manage to sleep tonight, so started surfing. Result! Found this great Owners club, and here i am. I will upload some pics of my fantastic (well, in my opinion, hope you agree) S-type 3.0 SE asap. I've owned her for two years, and is my first jag. I've been very lucky. The only problem I've had (touch wood) Is a leaking expansion tank, which has now been replaced. You just can't beat the Jaguar driving experience. Nothing else comes close!!