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  1. Glad you got it sorted. If you haven't already, I would also check the anti roll bar drop links. Once the main problem has been solved (the "D" bushes) It tends to have a knock on effect to the next weakest point (the anti roll bar drop links) This is a simple fix and very cheap too! (£28 a pair from Jaguar Spares North East 0191 586 7770) Happy motoring. (oh, and I have no association with JSNE, it's just the cheapest place i found!) Roy
  2. Sounds like anti roll bar bushes and drop links need changing. I had a problem with noise on bumpy roads and changed the bushes and links..... now nice and quiet!
  3. Probably not the same problem, but my S-type was constantly steaming up last year. Turned out that one of my rear door rubbers was split, so any water running down ran straight into the rear of the car! One new rubber later, no more steaming up!
  4. No chance. It's bad enough when my laptop freezes or won't respond, but at least It's not controlling my brakes or steering. I wouldn't like to be doing 80mph down the M4 and the computer controlling the "anti-crash" suddenly decides to have a glitch. I'd hate to think what could happen!
  5. Evanescence or Creed usually does the trick if i'm on my own, or Amy Winehouse, Ce Lo Green, or Bruno Mars if the wife is in the car. A nice blast of Pearl Jam for motorway driving!!
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  7. Hi. Have you checked that you've got CD's in your bootloader? .. just a thought, I may be wrong...
  8. I have a six year old Dobermann called Sophie.She's as daft as a brush!! She winds up my best mate (who's scared of her) by running up behind him, and "nose butts" him when he bends over to put his shoes on! Every time! You'd think he'd learn by now!! (Sorry Andy, if you read this!)
  9. '70 Hillman Avenger '73 Morris Marina 1800 TC coupe '77 Ford Cortina 2.0 ghia mk iv '71 Mini Clubman '79 Ford Cortina 2.3 ghia '69 Austin Mini cooper (wish i kept this one!) '71 Austin Maxi 1750 (don't ask!) '79 BL Mini 850 '76 Mini Clubman 1275 GT '83 Mini 1310 '84 Lancia Delta ie (very quick car) '84 Ford Escort XR3i '88 VW Golf 1.8 16v GTi '84 Mini 1340 (still got this one) '94 Rover 600 2.0 SLi (manual) '95 Rover 600 2.0 SLi (got me hooked on automatics) '96 Vauxhall Omega 2.5 V6 CDX (got me hooked on V6's) '98 Vauxhall Omega 3.0 V6 Elite 2000 Vauxhall Omega 3.0 V6 Elite '02 Jaguar S-type 3.0 SE (always wanted a Jag. love this car) So that's it so far, car wise. Numerous motorbikes along the years. Still got my mint XJR (Yamaha, not Jaguar!) There's nothing i would want to change my Jag for. Maybe an S-type R, but I can't fault my S. It's a pleasure to drive.
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  11. Here you go. Stickers on my s-type. Car wash proof too!!
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