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  1. Well Guys i still cant find out anything about the interior electrics so i think im going to have to call and auto spark to see if it can be done ill advise further if it is done and advise what outcome cheers lee 🙂
  2. Hi Folks new here good site i have recently purchased a 2 channel dash cam thinkware F770 but i am having trouble locating ignition switched live for the camera in the drivers foot well the car is a 2013 XF R sport sportbrake and all i can find in the foot well are permanent live circuits could anyone advise if there are any switched circuits in the fuse box thanks in advance lee nelson
  3. Hi Folks just after some help just bought a 2 channel dash cam Thinkware F770 but cant seem to figure out where i can piggy back on a permanent live for it would anyone know where i take it from for a 6 3Plate XF sportbrake thanks in advance lee
  4. Hi New to the Jag scene just bought a 63 2014 xf sportbrake thought it would come with reversing camera as would be handy as estate car but doesn't have one would anyone know this could be installed to the existing car ? any info would be much appreciated thanks lee
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