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  1. DTC Decoding

    Hi Joe, thanks for retrieving these descriptions. I will look at them in detail. Yes, I did charge the battery and its voltage looks ok. But I guess the code then need to be cleared using a software or will they clear on their own if the fault is gone? By the way, I know I have a genuine braking issue but that's all I was expecting in terms of warning.
  2. DTC Decoding

    Hi, a series of warnings started to appear on my dashboard: the engine light and the ABS are on, and there are messages that say there is an 'ABS fault', 'DSC is not available' and vehicle has 'restricted performance'. I entered the self test menu for the lack of a proper JLR diagnostic tool and retrieved a total of 15 DTC's. I then tried to decode them following the guidelines below, but even then I am only able to match 9 of them with DTC's listed in the workshop manual. I have attached the DTC's reported by my S-Type. Guideline for DTC decoding: 1XXX relates to Enhanced (manufacturer specific) codes P1 9XXX relates to Body Enhanced (manufacturer specific) codes B1 AXXX relates to Body Enhanced (manufacturer specific) codes B2 DXXX relates to Undefined (manufacturer specific) codes U1 EXXX relates to Undefined (manufacturer specific) codes U2 Obviously I would like to find out the meanings of these codes separately but I am hoping they could share a common cause as the car was left parked for 8 months without being driven at all and then suddenly reports all these issues at once. My current leads: Someone told me it was the DSC module that needed to be repaired by that a service like this one. The brake booster could be ko. I did do the usual tests and although I am not fully convinced by its behaviour , I am not sure wheter a faulty brake booster would trigger that many alarms. Speed sensor ko: I have checked the driver side one at the front, and it looked ok visually all clean. Alarms need reset: would it be possible that some of the DTCs like the ones related to the battery just need clearing? this would allow to tell apart the relevant DTCs. Would you have any ideas on the decoding of these codes and why I could not find reference to some of those? or any similar experience?
  3. Electronic Brake Control Module

    Glad you found another one!
  4. Electronic Brake Control Module

    Hi, I don't know about the compatbility with a slightly different part number but isn't this one the same as yours: ?
  5. Hi Everyone

    Hi Peter, thank you. I still need to cover more miles with mine but indeed S-Type's seem to be great cars. The manufacturers always look at the past at some point and revive some old series, so we may well see a re-edition or a tribute to the S-Type of some sort... although the new market and the trend is really on the side of the SUV's and crossovers.
  6. Hi Everyone

    I would not go for the chrome naturally but it combines nicely with this shade of blue. I realized that I always have as much chrome on my S-Type, except for the headlights... Here is what I was referring to on mine, there is a relatively big gap between the chrome and the window which is filled with dust and moss. The car had been parked for a few months before I bought it, so I guess it did not help. But still, it seems weird to me to see such a huge gap which I assume is not present without the chrome additions.
  7. S-Type battery woes - a possible solution

    Hi, I also recently found out about the bolt retaining the battery located below the car. Just about the best place to get rusty and not the best design when there are more user friendly solutions. Have some of you considered removing the bolt, filling in the hole and holding the battery from within the boot?
  8. Hi Everyone

    Thanks Ron! It looks like your S-Type also has the chrome around the windows as mine. But on mine it seems to have been fitted in such a way it just collects dust, water and moss. It makes me wonder if this is a standard part or if that was fitted as an accessory later on. Do you have the same problem on yours?
  9. Hi Everyone Thanks for letting me join the forum. Coming from the other side of the channel, I thought I could never truly live the British experience without having: played golf once (check), enjoyed an afternoon tea (check) and owned a RHD Jaguar (check, but still to be enjoyed). So I have recently bought a 2002 2.5 L V6 S-Type, the X202 I believe. It looks and works nicely although it came with a lot of questions. I also happen to work as a volunteer at the British Motor Museum in Gaydon where we also look after the Jaguar heritage collection. So a true Jaguar enthusiast! That being said I have owned for 10 years a limited edition of the Peugeot 406 coupé which never disappointed me. Looking forward to exchanging with you on the forum. Guy