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  1. Suggs

    Voice recognition

    Thanks for your reply Raistlin but I'm not able to open or access it. Any chance of emailing it to the address in my initial post?? Many thanks!
  2. Suggs

    Voice recognition

    Hi, I received some invaluable help to a question a while ago & am hoping that you can help me with this.... Could anyone supply a copy of the list of phrases I need to set up the voice recognition please? My personal email is if a copy could be scanned & sent please. Many thanks in advance!
  3. Suggs

    Phone set up on an '09er

    Many thanks for the information, you are a gentleman and a scholar!!! Not only did I get the phone set up but a day later, took delivery of a new phone so had to replicate the process but your guide was invaluable. Thanks again!!
  4. Suggs

    Phone set up on an '09er

    Hi, I've now paired my phone with "Jaguar" but the car touchscreen hasn't changed & still shows "discover me"....... There's good signal status but unable to progress.
  5. Hi everyone / anyone?! I've read the manual but still unable to get my Sony mobile phone connected to the touchscreen in my X- type.... Anyone had similar problems? Thanks in eager anticipation!