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  1. many thanks for your thoughts on my problem, I have had battery off for a good charge, it went down to half amp and showing 13 volts 24hrs later before I refitted it. I need to get to garage so they can test it properly but cant drive with screen misting in cold weather so will have to wait. by the way, both front seats heat up and move as they should and alternator is pumping over 15 volts. thanks again.
  2. many thanks, will check battery when I can dig car out of all this white stuff.
  3. hi to all, I need help with electrical problem on my 03 x type. the a/c and recycle, all heater flaps, rear and possible front heated screens and alarm have all stopped working. I have checked all fuses and relevant relays and they all seem ok. I have checked where possible earth connections and seem ok. any help would be very appreciated. many thanks for reading my post.