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  1. Well, if I'm not getting any help I'm trying somewhere else- that's obvious. I am using dedicated DELL with WIN XP PRO SP2, clear system with v130 SDD only, no other programs on it. I've had brand new Bosch battery fitted when I was doing that and SDD was connected just for 10 minutes.
  2. Do you think it's in the cable or software?
  3. Hi all. I wanted to clear some DTC codes using SDD and after doing that the car didn't want to start. I have plugged the SDD back again and it gave me info about anti-theft active and steering column lock on dash as well. After re-programming immobiliser car has started as normal. Have I missed something when clearing DTCs? It has happened twice now and I'm really concerned what's going on..
  4. Hi all. I can't open the boot from my remote key. The boot button and interior button work fine, but when I press the remote, it doesn't do anything. As well, not sure if it's connected, the lights are not turning on from remote button. Is there something wrong with remote? Other than that it locks and unlocks the car as normal.
  5. Hi guys. My Jag is dead...During diagnostic with SDD my battery died, so I've charged it to full, connected back to car and it won't crank now. The first code was P1260 from immobilizer, so I have cleared it, it's not showing anymore but now I've got P1582 about throttle and can't clean it at all and the car doesn't want to crank...Has anyone ever had something like that?
  6. Hi all. Unfortunately my head gasket gone. I have changed it and now I'm in the middle of putting engine together and have a problem here. I can't remember which colour of the fuel injector plugs are going where. There are 3 white ones and 3 black ones. All I remember is that one colour is going to the left bank and the other colour to the right one, but which is which? Maybe someone of you have got a picture of the manifold with injectors on, or can remember that? Much appreciated!!! Cheers, Kris!
  7. Yeah I know guys, but I still think it looks much better without that triangle base. Will try to find one, if not I will but just the standard one. Do you know any places for spares? Like eurojag.
  8. Hi Steve. Unfortunately there isn't any of that type. All of them has got different mount to mine. To get it fit I would need to drill another hole in my bonnet which I don't want to do. :(
  9. Hi all. Unfortunately someone has stolen my leaper from bonnet.. Do you know where could I get a replacement for it and? Tried various sites but can't find it. My bonnet has got one round hole only and the ones that are for sale have got additional pin there, for bonnet with two holes. As far as I could managed to find out I need something like Arden, with one mount but the original one costs around 300 quid :/. Cheers!
  10. Hi everyone. My name is Kris, I am 30 years old and recently bought a Jag S-type 3.0 v6 2004.