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  1. Jaguar owner to be, hopefully.

    Hi, Thanks. Apparently the E-Pace is made in Austria. It's a bit of a trek to either of the nearest dealerships to me, York or Teeside, I'm up in the dales, but might try a call.
  2. Jaguar owner to be, hopefully.

    Hi, Came onto the forum wondering if any one can tell me about new Jaguar deliveries. I ordered an E-Pace towards the end of last year and have had delivery date put back twice, last informative info I got, two or three weeks ago was that my car is in the country but there is a backlog of deliveries to dealers and enquiries about it now are met in a very off-hand manner, last got a response along the lines of 'well you've waited for it this long whats a bit longer going to matter'. Is this sort of thing normal?