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  1. ThisFieldisRequired

    How do I get help with problem Jaguar?

    Thanks for all your advice, will see what I can stir up on Monday.
  2. ThisFieldisRequired

    How do I get help with problem Jaguar?

    I have not attempted anything other than trying different settings in the software, I said some of it was possibly down to me because I have trouble understanding the manual, it seems very badly done in places, so some of the issues maybe just me not understanding it but no one seems willing to help with anything like that, though I suspect no one is capable from what I have experienced so far. I started phoning and emailing them with questions soon after I got the car, never got anywhere really though as never got put through to anyone on the phone and promised return calls hardly ever happened and emails are not often answered. I don't know exact dates but have I been in to the dealers in person twice to try and get some help but no one seems to have a clue, the service manager only attempted to try and answer one question and was even telling me the sat nav was not supposed to display petrol and parking locations, etc., on the map even when I had selected them from the list of map features - what sort of a sat nav system is that? The car constantly corrupts the file system on USB sticks I try to play music from, that is a definite fault to me but they don't seem to see it like that. Last time I was in was about two weeks ago and they were going to get onto Jaguars technical department and have it all sorted in no time but they are back to not talking to me.
  3. ThisFieldisRequired

    How do I get help with problem Jaguar?

    Thanks for that, have tried phoning them and got told I will have to call back on Monday! I have been asking them about odd things it does almost from day one and they have fiddled with a few settings but nothing they have done has made any difference. Some of it is possibly down to me as I find the handbook worse to read than some of the instructions you get with chinese stuff but no one at the dealers appears to have any more idea than me about the car.
  4. ThisFieldisRequired

    How do I get help with problem Jaguar?

    Would anyone know how to get some proper, knowledgeable help with a problem Jaguar. Car is less than two months old and in addition to a few other issues, the car seems to have some serious software problems to me but the dealer does not seem too interested in, or capable of resolving these problems and I found Jaguar customer services to be a complete waste of time so tried contacting Dr Speth, Chief Executive and got through to someone in his office and they gave the impression of trying to help and asked for a list of the problems I am experiencing but they just sent the list to the dealer, who still isn't doing much to help no matter how much I pester them and if I try the CEO office again she just goes back to the dealer, so I am stuck in a loop of no one doing anything useful. I would be happy if I could be put in contact with someone who could provide proper answers to my questions but it appears even Jaguar head office don't have anyone like that. As an example of how good the dealer is, I noticed the back number plate was not straight, 10 mm difference between ends, so they changed it and the car was backed up to a wall when I was leaving and I did not think to have a good look but found a similar situation when I got home, plate leaning same way but only 5 mm difference this time and tool marks in the paintwork around it!
  5. ThisFieldisRequired

    Jaguar owner to be, hopefully.

    I finally got the car, about a month later than expected. Disappointed with customer service so far, the handbook reads a bit like the ones you get with Chinese stuff, dealer has stopped talking to me and not getting anywhere with Jag UK customer service. Thinking of trying a little note to CEO.
  6. ThisFieldisRequired

    Jaguar owner to be, hopefully.

    Hi, Thanks. Apparently the E-Pace is made in Austria. It's a bit of a trek to either of the nearest dealerships to me, York or Teeside, I'm up in the dales, but might try a call.
  7. ThisFieldisRequired

    Jaguar owner to be, hopefully.

    Hi, Came onto the forum wondering if any one can tell me about new Jaguar deliveries. I ordered an E-Pace towards the end of last year and have had delivery date put back twice, last informative info I got, two or three weeks ago was that my car is in the country but there is a backlog of deliveries to dealers and enquiries about it now are met in a very off-hand manner, last got a response along the lines of 'well you've waited for it this long whats a bit longer going to matter'. Is this sort of thing normal?