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  1. On the way home last night (06 plate X Type Estate) listening to a CD with the screen showing the disc and track. The Traffic Alert cut in but when finished the CDC screen has vanished. Pressed everything in sight but no sound or screen. Any advice would be helpful, Stewart.
  2. Hi, I have a 56 plate X type estate 2.0 Diesel. When I try to start it from either cold or hot, sometimes the glow plug light goes out and it starts, other times the glow plug light flashes and it spins over but won’t start. I have to switch it off and then turn it back on again the glow plug light goes out and it starts. Am I right to think this is immobiliser related. Has anyone got any advice to point me in the right direction, regards Stewart.
  3. Thanks Steve, looking forward to a few replies. Stewart.
  4. Hi my 2.0 diesel x type glow plug light flashes on start up but not allways. I switch if off and start it again and it's fine. Does any one have any ideas, regards Stewart.