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  1. Turns out two injectors where down even though they had been replaced about a year ago and only done 2600 miles
  2. Hi all I have a 07 plate 2.0 litre x type estate which has started st smoke on start up also when pulling away on dual carriageways from say 2000 revs jumps into lymp mode happened a couple of times but today totally shut down engine ? Just before going in to lymp mode gives some smoke hesitates and gives up , she has only done 126 thousand miles and being the ford engine feel she should do loads more as my transit has done double this any advice would be greatly appreciated as working on tight budget .
  3. Hi hope this is ok but looking for recommendations for a mechanic that has experience with jaguar x type estate ideally near Sittingbourne kent have a couple of issues back end seems a bit loose with a nocking noise on near side rear which a mechanic tried to say noise was exhaust hitting tow bar without jacking it up also started to smoke on starting up and engine sounds like and old transit it is a 2.0 diesel which I understand is a ford engine but just sounds rough pulls and drives great any advice would be great as on a tight budget and to good to send to her maker