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  1. NewcyBlue

    Pick up our XF on Friday

    We’re enjoying the car, even my 5 year old is refusing to go in our second car which is a Focus.... Over in South Shields. Taking it for a long run next weekend for a Town match. A good run down to Sunny Suffolk.
  2. NewcyBlue

    Whats your location ?

    South Shields here, regularly pop down to Ipswich to go to the football, raising my 5 year old Sanddancer as a Tractor Boy!
  3. NewcyBlue

    Pick up our XF on Friday

    Cheers. It’s about time we had a properly nice car. The Mrs wanted a Mondeo.... to begin with!
  4. NewcyBlue

    Pick up our XF on Friday

    Jaguar Remote is the iPhone App that lets you see the status of certain systems, where it is parked, journey history, etc. I haven’t looked overly much into it yet. The electronics seem to be a common thing these.
  5. NewcyBlue

    Pick up our XF on Friday

    We’re getting it from a main dealer, FSH, 2 years Jaguar warranty, fresh MOT. Beautiful machine. I’m Peugeot main dealer trained as a mechanic so normally service my own cars, but I think I will either take it to a main dealer or local specialist to keep the stamps in the book. I’m not on the spanners any more so don’t fancy rolling around underneath this one. My 5 year old keeps singing that Feeder song “He’s got a brand new car, looks like a Jaguar...”
  6. NewcyBlue

    Pick up our XF on Friday

    2015 2.2d (200hp) Portfolio. Always fancied a Jag, the missus didn't take much convincing after driving it! Any tips? is the Jaguar Remote thing worth it? I'm really quite looking forward to Friday afternoon!!