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  1. We’re enjoying the car, even my 5 year old is refusing to go in our second car which is a Focus.... Over in South Shields. Taking it for a long run next weekend for a Town match. A good run down to Sunny Suffolk.
  2. South Shields here, regularly pop down to Ipswich to go to the football, raising my 5 year old Sanddancer as a Tractor Boy!
  3. Cheers. It’s about time we had a properly nice car. The Mrs wanted a Mondeo.... to begin with!
  4. Jaguar Remote is the iPhone App that lets you see the status of certain systems, where it is parked, journey history, etc. I haven’t looked overly much into it yet. The electronics seem to be a common thing these.
  5. We’re getting it from a main dealer, FSH, 2 years Jaguar warranty, fresh MOT. Beautiful machine. I’m Peugeot main dealer trained as a mechanic so normally service my own cars, but I think I will either take it to a main dealer or local specialist to keep the stamps in the book. I’m not on the spanners any more so don’t fancy rolling around underneath this one. My 5 year old keeps singing that Feeder song “He’s got a brand new car, looks like a Jaguar...”
  6. 2015 2.2d (200hp) Portfolio. Always fancied a Jag, the missus didn't take much convincing after driving it! Any tips? is the Jaguar Remote thing worth it? I'm really quite looking forward to Friday afternoon!!