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  1. Pleased to say that Air Con problem now resolved. I had already fitted a new valve, but still had problem. I sent module to ECU Testing of Heanor to repair. I now have it back and things are working perfectly. My car is touch screen and the module is above the glove box. It is easily removed and re-fitted once the glove box is removed. Thanks for your previous replies guys John.
  2. Thanks for the info. The mileage on the car is 107,000.
  3. Thanks for the replies guys. I haven't had chance to look further yet, but will advise on outcome.
  4. Replaced Air con valve but still blowing hot air only regardless of cold/hot settings. Wiring connector is in good clean condition. Car is 2007 2.7 diesel S Type. Any advice please. Thank you.
  5. My 2007 2.7 diesel recently had a front steel water pipe changed.(to lower front of engine) I have used the air con almost continually since. The weather has now become cooler and I increased the air temperature. It wouldn't increase and stayed cold even on max setting. Any ideas anybody.
  6. Any advice on changing chrome front buper trim on 2007 S Type please.
  7. Any advice on changing front chrome bumper trim on 2007 s type please.
  8. Hello Peter. Reset worked perfectly on the first go. Thanks once again. Regards John.
  9. Thanks very much Peter. I will try this tomorrow, in daylight. I'm afraid I am not your old cricket captain. I am from the Manchester area, and as far as I know my family have no relations in the Golbourne area. Cheers.
  10. Anybody know how to reset the 'Service Required' message, on my 2007 2.7 diesel S type.
  11. I have just been to Halfords for a set of wiper blades. They said that because they have a spray bar, for the washers, they must be original equipment and they cannot do them. Is this really the case or after market ones available. Any replies appreciated.
  12. Just an update. Screen heaters now working OK, after alternator change. As per Peter's advice above it appears the system shut down due to poor battery condition due to dodgy alternator. Thanks everybody. John.
  13. Sounds more complicated than mine, which turned out to be simple horn failure. Although it seemed odd that both horns should fail.
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