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  1. John Birchall

    'Service Required' Reset

    Hello Peter. Reset worked perfectly on the first go. Thanks once again. Regards John.
  2. John Birchall

    'Service Required' Reset

    Thanks very much Peter. I will try this tomorrow, in daylight. I'm afraid I am not your old cricket captain. I am from the Manchester area, and as far as I know my family have no relations in the Golbourne area. Cheers.
  3. John Birchall

    'Service Required' Reset

    Anybody know how to reset the 'Service Required' message, on my 2007 2.7 diesel S type.
  4. John Birchall

    S Type Wiper Blades with screen washers

    Thanks Old Peter and Joe. Job now sorted.
  5. I have just been to Halfords for a set of wiper blades. They said that because they have a spray bar, for the washers, they must be original equipment and they cannot do them. Is this really the case or after market ones available. Any replies appreciated.
  6. John Birchall

    front, rear and exterier mirror screen heaters not working

    Just an update. Screen heaters now working OK, after alternator change. As per Peter's advice above it appears the system shut down due to poor battery condition due to dodgy alternator. Thanks everybody. John.
  7. John Birchall

    no horn no parking sensors

    Sounds more complicated than mine, which turned out to be simple horn failure. Although it seemed odd that both horns should fail.
  8. John Birchall

    front, rear and exterier mirror screen heaters not working

    Thanks Joe , Much appreciated. circuit diagrams very useful. Regards John.
  9. John Birchall

    front, rear and exterier mirror screen heaters not working

    Thanks for the info Peter, I have had a very recent alternator change (yesterday 1/11/18 in fact). My battery failed a few weeks ago and after changing the battery the battery warning light on the dash remained on. It turns out that the alternator was faulty, although it was putting some charge back into the battery. I will see if the new alternator solves the problem. Thanks once again. Regards, John
  10. The front and rear windscreen heaters and door mirror heaters have stopped working on my 2007 2.7 Diesel s type. I have been advised that it may be a module problem. Any advise much appreciated. John Birchall , Manchester
  11. John Birchall

    no horn no parking sensors

    John Birchall on 2/11/18 Little late replying. only just joined forum. I had horn failure on 2007 2.7 diesel s type. Had power at horn connector but no sound. Both horns had failed. I bought a second hand pair and they work perfectly.