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  1. Cheers Joe. I have contacted Pentland Jaguar. I just had a software update done which is what I believe has caused this. Spoke with the head service chappie and sent him pictures of the display. He didn`t have a clue about it. He said he was getting an XE in today for software updates and he would investigate it. Waiting on him getting back to me and will update with a post with the response. G
  2. Hi Colin, sorry for late reply, been away in Motorhome. Will call Pentland Jaguar tomo and post any response I get. G
  3. Hi, sorry for late reply, I have been away in Motorhome. No nothing I am aware of that would cause it. No Warning lamps illuminated, going into alarms history the last warning alarm states a Volumetric sensor alarm but researching this it really doesnt fit the bill. Thanks. G
  4. Can anyone answer this question. I have a 2018 XE R-Sport, 6500miles. Just recently on starting the engine the dash display obviously shows the plan of the car and would display things like door/boot open, then would revert back to Jaguar logo or whatever you have it set to after a few seconds. However it has started to display an extended bar full length of offside of car prior to reverting back to the Jaguar Logo. No warning lamps are on and I cant find any reference to what this extended bar indicates. Anyone have an idea? Cheers
  5. Hi all. I have bought a Nextbase 512gw + 512gwrc bundle + carry case + memory card + Polarising lens (£149.99 from very) and a Nextbase hard wire kit (£10.95) ebay. Can anyone inform me which fuse I should use for the `Piggy Back` fuse connector in the cab fuse box by the A post? Thanks. G
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