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  1. I have owned my 57plate x-type 2.0D S for about two months...very pleased with it until yesterday morning when I'd nipped to the shops about 1.5 mile and started to smell what only could be discribed as burning wires and plastic very harsh to the nose ... Panic set in popped the bonnet with it raining a few drops of water landed on the alternator and instantly boiled.. And I found the smell... After all my years I have never seen an alternator frying itself... I could see the copper coils inside was a purple and black color and very very hot... Anyway long story short. Car was dead this morning... Jump started and it died in less than a minute... Read posts on here to replace alternator.. . Good tips and advice.. This is how I did it.. 1x spring clamp for compressing suspension springs 1x wheel brace with wheel trim repair (see Pics) No removal of track rod or ball joint to lower arm. Remove heat sheald from torbo All I did was remove vent cover from alternator and jiggle it free from top .. Keep an eye out for the fuel line from fuel filter.. Very few tools needed.. Even a ratchet strap will do if you hook it in right place... I lent mine out hence this option.
  2. Hi Tom and Peter thanks for the welcome.. With that advice I shall invest in a new egr pipe.. All clips have been replaced with stainless jubilee before I bought it... There is a hissing noise from the turbo area but as of yet can't find the leak is this normal.sounds like a dump valve... . If not Will order a silicone new pipe for the turbo to airbox... The pipe for the egr looks new but will replace it anyway as advised... Thanks guys
  3. Just a quick hi and chuffed in owning my first jaq... Yeah it's only the x type 2.0sport on a 57 plate but.. Hey I own a jaq.. Owned it for 2 week now.and fuel consumption was very poor.. 18-25mpg round town and around 38-43 on motorway . So today dicided to check out the forums for usual problems... And get the tools out... 1st Egr valve... 😪 I nearly died of shock to how bad it was... So I took all the pipes off and airbox plus manifold... I could not believe it was was so bad with carbon and gunged up to the point manifold inlets was reduced to the size of a 2pence piece so was the egr valve... The manifold was the worst and trust me I couldn't believe how much I got out of it... So after 4 tins of carb cleaner and a bottle brush I put it all back together and crossed my fingers... Wow took it for a 10 mile run up the motorway... I now getting 57.3mpg and 36mpg around town...and the difference in the pulling power and acceleration has amazed me..... Its like a new car..... Next is water pump and tensioners... Probably next week.. As got a intermittent knocking on idle and when setting off.. And a slight rumbling sound from the pullies... So probably have a look at them as well... So a big thanks to all of you and your posts and hints and tips... I think she is a better car than when I first bought her..