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  1. Just been reading the road test of F pace petrol. I have an Fpace 3 litre S and can recommend it to anyone who is thinking of buying one. I had a 5 litre XF type R before and I think the F pace a better car. It rides really well and is quiet and comfortable with plenty of boot space. I have done 20000 miles now and have not had any problems with it. Fuel consumption is around 30 average but on long runs can get 36mpg which is good for an engine of that size. I did put a deposit on an Ipace but have not taken up the offer yet as recharge points are a problem. When more sites are open and universal charging points are adopted I will probably have one. The other option of course is the new Fpace 5litre.
  2. Good afternoon Norman. Not sure if you got my earlier email as it bounced back to me. I am looking to get around £500 for all four. They have only done 2000 miles and are good winter tyres. I had them on my XF 5 litre for one season and make a great difference. They cost over £1100 when I had them fitted.
  3. I have 4 Pirelli tyres which have only done 2000 miles. I now have a Fpace type S so they will not fit. 2 fronts 255x35 R20s and 2 rear 285x35 R20s. to fit XF type R 5 litre. I will except any reasonable offer.
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