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  1. Hi I have a 2.5 v6 s type in black with tow bar and 10 months mot timeing chain rattle. I have loved my jag but ime now going to part with it ime nr great Yarmouth Norfolk if anyone is interested feel free to make me an offer or she will have to go to scrap yard many thanks please contact me on 07923607305.many thanks I hope someone can make use of her as have no time or space now
  2. Hi ime new to site and desperate for some advice my s type 2.5 is a 03 model I have owned the car for three years and love it. This noise started yesterday after start up, if car is on tick over its really quite no knocking but rais rpm over 2000 and sounds really bad loud knocking noise ime wondering could it be cam chain tensioners "" Please give me your opinion. Many thanks Rick
  3. Hi I have just joined owners club and I really need help my Jag is a 2.5 s type sport auto 2003 Thinking the wheel bearings rear had gone I replaced both of them and yes " you've got it" same house I now think it's the rear differential and need to replace it. I have been offered a diff from the same year car and it's a 2.5"" but the replacement offerd is from a manual car""""" does anyone no if the manual diff is the same as the automatic many thanks for any help or advice
  4. Hi I think my s type is on the way out I've loved my jaguar for over three years but I feel it may be time to let her sleep. I would be more than happy to make a good donation to the charety. Can you please let me no what area you are in. Many thanks Rick.