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  1. Sax

    Sound System

    Update See the pic's below. The one at the top before the removal of the amp and the one on the bottom, after. Unfortunately as suggested by Paul, unplugging and re-plugging the connector didn't work. I will seek a local specialist tomorrow. I'm curious to know what the two silver boxes are that are situated under the multi disc player
  2. Sax

    Sound System

    Paul. Many thanks for the advise. I will look at taking the rack out tomorrow. As you say Wolverhampton is someway from Hampshire (Southampton) but many thanks for the offer of help. Hopefully, if I can get to the connector plug and do as you first suggested it will all start working again.! Here's hoping. I will update on any progress. Once again Paul thank you.
  3. Sax

    Sound System

    Update. I tried to unplug the largest connector without any success..the cradle holding the amp in position is restricting access..I did try to unbolt the cradle but there is a hidden bolt some where.! The problem has increased now to the extent that only one speaker is working in the rear passenger door and the multi change CD system is not giving out any sound but indicating on the touch screen that it is playing the CD. The telephone system is working but only out of the remaining working speaker, as is the sat nav. The single CD unit is also using the remaining working speaker. The sub woofer is working correctly.
  4. Sax

    Sound System

    Hi Paul. Thanks for the info...I will be checking a bit later on. I will keep you updated.
  5. Hello every one...this is my first post on the site. I have a 2.2 D Sovereign 2006 X Type Estate with a Alpine speaker system. Yesterday whilst listening to the radio, the main speakers on the drivers side front and rear simultaneously stopped working. The little tweeter one's still produce sound. I have checked all the obvious settings on the head unit, but all are normal. Any advice would be appreciated.