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  1. My 2002 XKR has an Alpine sound system, so I'm guessing that the satnav is also part of the Alpine package. Dopes anyone know if an update is available for these, and if so how do I get the upgrade and how to install it? I have had a quick trawl through the forum, and similar questions have been asked, but so far as I can see the answers are rather inconclusive.
  2. My 2002 XKR coupe which I have just purchased has a built-in Jaguar/Motorola phone. It is fitted within the central armrest. Does anyone know if I can still get a SIM card to fit this? Will a modern "pay as you go" card fit?
  3. Hello I've just purchased my first Jaguar. It is a 2002 XKR, as a second car. I've owned quite a few high performance cars over the years, but never a Jaguar, so I thought it was about time that I remedied that. XKR.odt