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  1. Buckley

    Mpg Full Tank

    Hi Guys, I'm picking up my Xf 2.2 auto (2014) later this week does anyone know the mpg and how many miles you get to a full tank. I know it my differ with driving styles. Thanks
  2. Buckley

    Whats your location ?

    Hi, West Yorkshire between Leeds and Wakefield
  3. Buckley

    New member

    Hi Gareth pleased to me you I'm not that far from York I'm only in Leeds
  4. Buckley

    New member

    Hello everyone, I am new to this site and just thought I would introduce myself. I am picking up my xf 2014 next week can't wait. I used to have an X type about 5 years ago. I'm from Yorkshire so is there anyone else from this part of the country