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  1. Hi my friend has given me the usb satnav update for my 2013 xf but it’s asking for a code I believe it’s something to do with the vin on my car does anyone have any ideas how I would get the code for my car
  2. Thanks I’ve done a few hundred miles or so and absolutely loving it
  3. I have no idea how to reboot it I have bought a usb satnav update put it in the usb slot in the center console and all I’m getting is music device error is there another usb ?
  4. No Peter it doesn’t have a disc it’s a usb jobbie there is a hdd
  5. Hi guys im new to the owners club My name is Paul I have just bough my very first jaguar a 2013 XF I haven't much to say about the car because I have only had it a day apart from its very comfy lol just thought I would say hi
  6. Hi everyone I have just bought my first jaguar xf 2013 MY im having trouble with the sat nav all it says is satnav initializing and doesn't do anything else can anyone point me in the right direction as to what the problem is please