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  1. Hi All, I bought myself a 2013 XF S at the weekend and in general am thoroughly enjoying ownership, one niggling thing that I've been trying to sort is that upon unlocking and opening the door I get 2 beeps from the car. Initially I thought that was an option that I could go and turn off, though upon investigation I'm lead to believe that these 2 beeps are indicative of a fault. I've checked and all doors lock as expected and there are no alerts when locking the vehicle. If I go into the car settings then "Security/Vehicle" theres a message at the top stating "Alarm Triggered by : Drivers Door" now the alarm hasn't been triggered and I'm guessing this is probably why its beeping as I open it. Is there a simple way to reset this? I was thinking of removing the 2 batteries for 30 minutes to see if that sorts it out but curious to know if anyone has experienced similar? also is there anything to be aware of when removing the battery (handbrake etc). Next question is whats the general consensus of diagnostics kit to use with these vehicles? Im not looking to do any variant programming or anything like that but am interested in being able to read and clear fault codes from each of the individual car modules and perhaps relearn the rear callipers so I can do my own brakes etc. I've been briefly looking at the icarsoft but unsure if theres something better/cheaper available?
  2. Evening all, Picked up a 2013 XF S on Saturday and looking forward to many years of Jag ownership, got a couple of questions ill add in the XF part of the forum! Cheers, Sean