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  1. Thanks for the reply.... I followed the link but it doesn't get me anywhere. Is it just a case of prising off the wooden trim from the door cards, or do you have to completely take the door cards off to get to the rear of them? I really don't want to guess and break something... Wife would kill me lol
  2. Hi, I am thinking of vinyl wrapping the interior wooded trim in my XF. My question.... Is all the wooden trim panels easy to remove? Been trying to find a guide without any luck. Thanks
  3. Hi, After discovering I have a fault with the speaker in my instrument cluster, I need to remove the cluster to repair. I want to attempt this myself. Have anyone got a guide or anything they can send me? I have looked online and tried logging into TOPix (not free) without luck. Any help much 😉
  4. Hi, I purchased my first Jaguar XF last weekend. Love it already! The only thing I have noticed on it is that when you use the indicators, they are silent. Is this a setting somewhere or has something failed? Thanks James