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  1. Hi Frank. The garage have tested the battery and it is okay - I did have it replaced just over a year ago, but the problems have continued - in fact some new ones appeared afterwards! I had a separate issue with the battery, as it drained a couple of times so I couldn't even open the car, let alone start it. First time may have been down to a rear courtesy light being left on, but the second time seems to have been another electrical fault. I found out that if you stop the car, press the Start/Stop button again without starting the engine (e.g. to wind up a window), then turn it off again, it doesn't actually shut everything off, so they sit there eating power.
  2. Hi all, I'm a new member and hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction with an XF problem. I've had mine (XF Premium Luxury 2.7 diesel, 2008 MY) coming up to four years, and it's been generally pretty good. One or two mechanical problems, but a whole host of electrical ones. The most recent is a warning coming up on the touchscreen saying there is a fault with the rear parking sensors, and to contact my Jag dealer. It first came up before Christmas, but only happened a couple of times, and not every time I started the engine. It's now happening all the time, and sure enough the sensors aren't working. I've also got problems with the blind spot monitors, with a message saying they're faulty. Two years ago, a lorry kicked up a piece of wood which took my NS wing mirror clean off. It was replaced by a body shop, and three months later the monitors stopped working. I took it back and they did various tests, eventually telling me that the mirrors were fine and it was an electrical fault elsewhere (hence not their problem!) The guy there told me that there's a power distribution module in the driver's door that might be faulty, and I'm now wondering if that could be causing all of my electrical issues. I've also had intermittent (i.e maybe once every three months) problems with the radio, gearbox, anti-skid... the list goes on. They all happen once, and if I turn the engine off and on again, they go away. Anyone else have any experience with this control module? I've got the car in with my local garage at the moment, but he said he might not be able to sort it, as he doesn't have the specialist electronic equipment needed. My local franchise is a bit useless, and expensive.