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  1. Ever since the XF was released, it was one of those cars that one day I’ll own. That day was about 4 days ago. I purchased a 2010 , 3.0 luxury with 67000 Miles with full history. I cannot be more delighted with the car itself. It wasn’t until I started reading the owners manual that my slight disappointment in the cars spec became apparent. My old car was a 2009 C4 that actually had more standard features over the XF, most noticeable the automatic folding mirrors. Again to further my disappointment, the mirrors also cannot be manually operated either. Even on a base model XF, I would have thought this would have been standard equipment. Having to physically fold both mirrors in when parking, somewhat takes away the prestigious image of owning a Jaguar. Other small disappointments are not being able to control left and right temperatures despite showing both on the display. Don't get me wrong, my XF is a dream to drive and thrilled with it. I just wish that it had a little more equipment as standard over my old C4.