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  1. Hi , I have just noticed that the undertray is no longer present on my x type petrol . Probably a garage in the past removed it to do some work and never bothered putting it back . Is it worth me buying another one and if so has anyone had any experience with the aftermarket ones in Ebay, or should I go for a second hand jaguar part ? Thanks in advance .
  2. Good afternoon. Can anybody tell me if while performing the self test on the instrument cluster, should the fuel gague sweep up to full and then back to empty before returning to its start position ? When I did mine the needle started on its previous position , I.e half then swept to empty before returning to half . Thanks 20190506_150101.mp4
  3. Hi , if you knew your idle speed was spot on but your rev counter was only showing 400rpm instead of 750 -800 , would you worry that something else was wrong . The car drives fine , changes up and down the box fine ( automatic ) . The only issue is the rev counter nor showing the correct rpm. Should I be worried ?Hope this makes sense.
  4. I just spoke to an independent jaguar specialist who told me the revs at idle should be 750 -800 . This confirms that the rev counter isn't working properly . He said that you have to change the instrument cluster as you can not calibrate them . This also involves the use of 2 keys to programme the cluster or the car wont start . Going to have an interesting conversation with the dealer I bought the car from I think !
  5. Thanks guys , can I just ask , what do your engines idle at when warm? I only ask as mine sounds fine at idle ,no rough or lumpy idle , but the rev counter only shows about 400 rpm.
  6. Hi , newbie to the group and I have a question I hope someone can help with . I have the 3 litre x type 5 speed auto ( 2004 ) and this afternoon I was driving along at 70mph and noticed the rev counter was only showing about 1300rpm , I thought this was a little low or do you think this is right ?