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  1. Dear All All though I Joined a year a go this might be my first posting, previously born and lived close to Solihull and worked for Lucas aerospace and automotive I presently live in west Sussex and I am in the market for a late XJS 4 lt several I have found have damp in the foot walls or rust around the window so looking for cost and someone for the following work :- remove window screen and head lining repair metal above and below window this is a variable but guide prices from past jobs pant damaged area due to repair replace window with new seals replace head lining this will probably require new head lining to match existing any help appreciated Regards Paul B 07719208048
  2. Dear all As a new member can I introduce my sylph My name is Paul Bicknell I originally come from Warwickshire and moved to the south cost in West Sussex 20 years ago Although I am a new member I have been associated with Classic cars for over 40 years I am formally an electronics engineer and worked for Lucas Aerospace and then moved to the automotive industry with Lucas automotive Unfortunately the past 15 years I have bean out of the automotive industry I am looking for a XJS 4 lt face lift and I could do with some technical help There seams to be a history with ingress of water from the front window screen Is there any advise you could give me also could you please direct me to a supplier of the widow seals as I believe the face lift is different to the previews model The other major problem appears to be the rain gully behind the A pillar finisher and causing rain ingress due to rust , Again could any one suggest a repair / fix as my car will not be garaged during the summer months Also looking for Service manual and Parts Manual in paper format Best Regards Paul