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  1. Hello all! I just bought a 2017 jaguar XE and saw that the car came with yellow halogen low beams. I want to change this to either HID's or LED's. I figured it would be an easy install because i remember seeing some people post about changing it over without an issue in various forums. I went ahead and bought the LED's and now im trying to find an install video because it does not seem like i can just pop these in like i originally thought. There are a few things i would have to remove but i wanted to ask you guys before i end up messing something up.. Does anybody know or have any experience changing out the lowbeams to LEDs? The LED's i bought has the bulb connected to a small ballast with a 2 pronged connector on the other end. here is the link to the LED's i bought ... lights-kit Thank you in advanced for any opinions or input!