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  1. Thanks Big John Still not winning the blame game but I am in no rush 😇 Thankfully I have got the key working again, with a bit of fiddling, but save s a new fob
  2. Morning all The other half decided to do some washing only the spare key fob was in my pocket. Now the blame as to whether it is my fault for leaving it in the pocket or her fault for not checking will go on for a while, I am sure I have dried it with a hair drier and changed the battery over and it unlocks the car fine, locks it after a few presses but it isn't showing as available when it is in the car so unable to start it. Does this mean it is now unusable and need a replacement or is it salvageable? Thanks in advance
  3. Hi Steve That light only comes on with the interior lights. I too thought it was on all the time but checked with Jaguar and they are only meant to come on with interior lights only
  4. Hi all Can anyone help me,m I am after some advice how to remove the rear seat base of my 2018 XF. I have located the both clips at the sides of the seat but I still cant get it out. Are there other clips that I haven't found or do I just yank it up to get them out? Thanks in advance
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