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  1. Thanks for the info. If I get to the bottom of this I will update.
  2. Hi all, I have a xk8 1998 that is registered in Ireland and I am trying to re-register her in France. To do this I need a C.O.C. so asked Jaguar land rover for one. They refused to issue one saying the car had been "modified beyond the point of manufacture" . I asked what the modification was and they said the log book lists seating as 3 . I contacted Ireland to ask if the log book had a misprint and could they issue one listing seating as 4 . they said at the point of registration 1998 (new) the information was correct? Can anyone have a look at there log book and tell me how many seats they have listed. The car is totally standard . Best regards and thanks in advance Steve.
  3. Quick update. Coil packs ok , getting a lovely spark. After taking plugs out noticed oil on rim of plug caps, also oil in throttle body when butterfly open. Engine been over filled with oil, about two cm. over upper level mark. Is it normal for a fan like noise when ignition turned on, it goes off when throttle fully open. presuming its something to do with fuel injection. Any thoughts /advice svp.
  4. Thanks for the comments, the battery is nearly new I found the receipt in the car. I will update this post as I go.
  5. Hi all, just joined today. Rescued a XK8 from a field (1998 coupe). Got her home yesterday, charged battery, checked levels and turned her over. Not firing at all. Ignition displays, traction control fail, stability control fail and I plugged in a code reader and got 1 fault found P1397. Any ideas before I get the spanners out?