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  1. replaced the air intake pipe with a new silicone one what a difference, worst part was getting the lower pipe clamp tightened i took of the egr that made it easy to get my chunky arm down there
  2. piston on rear caliper was sized so got the rebuild kit jacked up car placed axle stands and did the job, all went well until it was time to put the wheel back on, it wont go, on closer inspection realised i had put the axle stand under hub carrier arm and it had bent/twisted, absolutely gutted as it doesnt look like a simple job to replace.
  3. need some help and advice please, my xtype seems to be holding back at 60mph it starts goes through all gears and seems spot on until i reach 60, i have no warning lights or any signs anythings wrong, until i opened the bonnet i have oil all over the drivers side inner wing, to hot to investigate at moment, any ideas would be helpful hopefully nothing serious as although its holding back its not going into limp mode. TIA
  4. having a problem whats up with my 2.2 x type it sometime seems to momentarily hold back when accelerating, and also notice a sound like air being sucked in, cleaned the egr {it wasnt that dirty as did it a while back} made no difference, thinking it has something to do with turbo, maybe a pipe issue but not sure where to start any info please, thanks tony