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  1. To cut to the chase so to speak. My 58 plate XF diesel estate has just gone into a newly opened (March this year) specialist Jag garage in Banbury for the 'once over', resulting in new discs and pads. The owner Simon Thomas has the knowledge and skills coupled with an honest, infectious and passionate approach to Jaguars that I was completely blown away. Work was outstanding and undertaken at a highly competitive price. I can only give him the highest recommendation. Go try! SST MOTORS, Unit 22 Thorpe Place Banbury OX16 4XH
  2. Thank you David. I've also noticed (albeit only slight at the moment) a 'knock' up the steering wheel column. It is only occasional so the the cv joint maybe a good starting point. Or is that something different? I'll post a reply when I've got to the bottom of it. Alan
  3. So the journey begins! Having only owned my 58 plate Jag xtype diesel estate auto for a couple of weeks and beginning to get the feel of it and understand it I have found that when accelerating the car vibrates. As I level off as it were then the vibration reduces. This appears to be not an uncommon occurrence. Am I right in thinking this is probably the drive shafts and if so better to replace both and have done with it? Also any idea who offers a decent price on them? Any help greatly appreciated. Loving the car btw. I did by an awesome piece of kit from Halfords for streaming music/audio books. Scosche FMT at £48. Not the cheapest but it also has an additional lead plug in so the I can continue to charge my phone as well. Aux lead also provided for those that have one. Not a huge techi but it was easy to link up. Guessing some will have found cheaper ones. Also membership and Halfords discount card only came today so I missed that one! 🤦‍♂️
  4. I've lost so many house points in the past with my interest in older models! 😏 This seems to be a working compromise - so far! I'll be going up to Oldham next month and then crossing over to God's own country after that. I'm looking forward to that part of the journey.
  5. Thanks guys for your advice and comments. It'll be interesting with the Jag. I do about 20k a year. I've just sent back my 5 series BMW 2 litre diesel after 3 years with 64k on the clock! Cost me a kidney or two in excess mileage😪. The new car is now kept at home with the Jag being thrown in at the deep end so to speak. I've felt more in touch with this car already - weird! I've had classics in the past- Stag, 1963 MGA and a MG J2. My wife didn't like any of these, but is quite animated about the Xtype. Like I said it's in at the deep end. It'll be looked after on the way, but I guess any issues will unfold fairly quickly!
  6. Hi Rod, Will do. Cheers Alan
  7. Just realised my profile photo was me not the car🙄🤦‍♂️. Car more important than me! Common problem seems to be waist seals on the windows. Does anyone know of reputable suppliers and are they reasonably easy to self fit? Also same for car mat suppliers. There appears to be a plethora of on-line sellers. Just need the right ones at the right price!
  8. So very strange of things happening in threes! I have also just (last Sunday) purchased a 58 plate 2.2 D estate in the same colour. Loving it. The actuator etc and limp mode issue had been addressed before I bought it (fingers crossed!). The retro feel is great. Mileage I'm getting is about 45 long run - mix it with urban driving and it does drop. Although just serviced the 'sevice required' pops up. I think re-setting the service mode can be challenging. I might for peace of mind get it looked over in any case.