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  1. That’s a nice looking car for sure! And just what I am looking for. Unfortunately I’ve got to do some saving up first - won’t be in a position to actually buy one until probably Feb/March 2020... Thanks for the note though! It’s the “known issues” I’d like to find out more about... what to Iook for, what to avoid, all that stuff...
  2. Thanks Peter. I’ve been doing a fair bit of research - seems for my money I might be either looking for an older 3.0 which has had the sills done or maybe a newer 2.5... I was planning to buy private rather than from a dealership - have been ripped off by a dealer once too many times now 😕 I am happy to keep looking and wait for the right car to come along!
  3. Hi everyone! I’m looking for an X or S-type for my wife for her birthday next year. She’s going to be handing her lease car back and she’s always wanted a Jaguar so I was hoping this is the right place to find out things like - what to look for in a used Jag, do’s and dont’s with test drives etc. I have an mx5 so don’t have a comparable car for eg ride quality etc so I’m after any help and advice to make sure I don’t get her a nail by accident! I’ll have a pretty limited budget - maybe £2k - but I’m hoping I can still find something tidy and reliable? Thanks in advance 🙂