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  1. Hi I own a jaguar s type 2.5 by 55 plate had a coolant problem for while replaced all know parts and now found that the heater matrix is bubbling after turning car off was wondering if anyone has had similar problems and how hard is it to remove the unit many thanks any help would be much appreciated
  2. Thank you for all the advice regarding my coolant issue on my jag have now decided to replace the complete cooling system was wondering if anyone knew what hoses and size and length or a diagram with all info on would be really appreciated many thanks
  3. Good afternoon first thanks for letting me join the group I have just brought a jaguar s type 2005 2,5 v6 I am now having a issue which could do with some advice my coolant level low keeps lighting up I fill the expansion bottle use car next day light lit again but no leaks or wet patches under car just confused where is it going Many thanks